Calls per Week

Churches, nonprofits, and individuals call daily for assistance. We set a record for number of calls for help in 2013.



2013 Project Goals Met

We’ve already met our initial goal of 40 families in 2013; now we’re on track to serve 58 families this year.


2013 Projects

In 2013 we will more than double the number of families helped from 2012, as we are on track to serve 58 families.



Percentage of Needs Met

Sadly, we can only help a portion of all the calls for help we get. You can help us meet more of the need.

Meeting the Need

Rewigo seeks to creates safe, healthy, sustainable home environments for underserved people using 3 primary methods:

Wheelchair Ramps

Disabled children and adults need a way in and out of their home for medical appointments and to improve quality of life.

Emergency Home Repair

When you’re living in poverty, a simple repair can be a huge burden. We make immediate repairs and facilitate long-term improvement.

Safety Railings

One fall for an elderly person is the difference between independence and spending the rest of their life in long-term care.